Using FormIgniter as Form Generator for CodeIgniter


A Code Generator for CodeIgniter Forms

Form Generation Class integrates the native form helper (with two added functions) and the validation library.

Building validated forms in core PHP or CodeIgniter using form validation libraries takes too long.

To build a form with the Form Validator and form libraries, you need to enter the same value in multiple places ‘n’ number of times; in the view, in the label, in the fields error message, in the field itself, again in the controller, in the model, and finally you need to setup the database schema to accept these values.

This repetition of code is tiresome.

FormIgniter is the simplest way to automatically generate MVC (Model, View and Controller) code as well as the SQL for the form designed on screen.

It also creates all the validation set on fields during form designing and populates warning/notification on user screen, purely a time saver!!

Thing to consider:

Often times you need to use AJAX, session or custom callback etc. As of today, FormIgniter does not support automation when you design the form. However with some effort you can mold the code manually and it can be made up & running.

We provide full support for CodeIgniter and FormIgniter services. Need some assistance?


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