The Importance Of Hiring The Best Call Center Agents

The Customer is the king! Customer satisfaction is the priority for any business to flourish. The call center agents help you achieve maximum Customer satisfaction apart from your high-quality services. The call center agents are the first point of contact for the clients and are the spokesperson for your product or service. A call center agent is the one who handles the inbound and outbound customer call for any business. It is therefore essential to hire the best call center agents to project a warm and friendly image of the company and for happy customers


Hiring the best call center agents is important for your business. The candidates can be screened based on criteria like personality, communication skills, analytical skills, problem- solving ability during the hiring process. Here listed are some of the essential qualities that a call center agent must possess:

Communication – Excellent communication skill is the prerequisite for the right call center agents. As the customer survey mentions that a proficient call center agent is the most important part of happy customer experience. The call center agent should be able to resolve the query efficiently and unambiguously. The diction should be clear using basic vocabulary.

Knowledge – To address the customer inquiry, the call center agent should have a thorough knowledge about your product or service. The best candidate should be a quick learner and should be able to retain the information.

Organisation and Multi-tasking – The call center agents need to be a good juggler. Multi tasking is required as the call center agents need to listen to the customer, check the knowledge base, and provide an effective solution at the same time. Being organised is thus an important trait for a successful call center agent.

Flexibility – A call center functions 24/7, seven days a week, the working hours could be challenging. The call center agent should be flexible enough to comply with the erratic schedules. Also, all center agents interact with the customers on a daily basis. Some of those can be challenging. To deal with such clients, the call center agents need to be flexible in their approach and should quickly adapt as per the customer.

Cool as Cucumber – Keeping calm under pressure is an important trait for a good call center agent. The customer sometime could be frustrated or angry. Here the call center agents need to keep calm and resolve the issue to achieve customer satisfaction.

Speed – The call center agents need to fast and efficient. Fast working call center agent will not keep callers waiting for long. With quick solutions to their problems, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Finding the best call center agent can be challenging, this guideline can be helpful. Hire the best call center agent thus increasing customer satisfaction and improve your business many folds.


The Importance of Technical Support Services



Technical support can help users to troubleshoot devices or solve problems when it comes to technology. In today’s trend, gadgets like cell phones, tablets etc. are in demand and have become a necessity. Many people refer to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) which means the user can bring a portable device to any place such as malls and the schools.

Technical support services are more important for small and medium business than a larger business because they can hire a level 1 support where they can train and develop the skills in terms of analytical thinking and capability to solve the problems. When it comes to the cost, they end up paying less compared to having a full IT department. To fill in the gaps, they can make a contract with the companies that offer tech support services so that their loss due to IT failure is less. It will be of benefit to choose the companies that have a 24/7 call tech support personnel that can attend to any issue or emergency at the earliest.

In short, tech support services are important to any business that can solve IT related problems.

Using FormIgniter as Form Generator for CodeIgniter


A Code Generator for CodeIgniter Forms

Form Generation Class integrates the native form helper (with two added functions) and the validation library.

Building validated forms in core PHP or CodeIgniter using form validation libraries takes too long.

To build a form with the Form Validator and form libraries, you need to enter the same value in multiple places ‘n’ number of times; in the view, in the label, in the fields error message, in the field itself, again in the controller, in the model, and finally you need to setup the database schema to accept these values.

This repetition of code is tiresome.

FormIgniter is the simplest way to automatically generate MVC (Model, View and Controller) code as well as the SQL for the form designed on screen.

It also creates all the validation set on fields during form designing and populates warning/notification on user screen, purely a time saver!!

Thing to consider:

Often times you need to use AJAX, session or custom callback etc. As of today, FormIgniter does not support automation when you design the form. However with some effort you can mold the code manually and it can be made up & running.

We provide full support for CodeIgniter and FormIgniter services. Need some assistance?

Remote Support is more Convenient for Clients


Remote support allows a technician to support end user’s computer from a remote location. In this way, support engineer does not even need to come to your place or office to service your computer.

We at Telerain have been doing remote support for various clients. Why? It is more convenient and at the end, both end user and support will grasp the fundamentals of the desktop PC.

There are important lessons that I have learned from giving this type of support. One of them is that, people just want to get their job done. Of course, being someone who gives a remote support you always wanted to help the end user and have the job done. You should also need patience as it is the only answer for everything to have it resolved. There are times you want to step away and call the end user to have things sorted out. The more details you gather, the better. This will trim down or isolate the issues client is encountering. More importantly, being a remote support, you must take notes because you will never know that problem might return or reoccur. As a remote support, it is always satisfying once you are able to fix the issue and help the end user and you also get a happy client.

The Advantages of Ticketing Systems in Business

If the company doesn’t have a ticketing system they missing a valuable queue management system that can benefits the employees as well as the customer. Ticketing system that manage customer service efficiency and customer satisfaction. Learning the importance of ticketing system for customer service needs.


Ticketing system for a good customer service experience

Ticketing system are very important in any business area whether it is a medical, transportation and etc. Imagine a world with no ticket how would we properly arrange the line in airport, the line on paying bills in all government services. A ticketing system shortens customer perceived letting them and knowing that they are on queue. This creates a more relaxed atmosphere and an excellent overall customer service experience. The customer will feel confident that they will quickly receive the services that they want.

How does numbering system works?

When a client walks into a service area that didn’t hold any number and no designated waiting line he may feel hopeless and miserable .A numbering system organizes a waiting line so that customers reassured that their needs will be addressed in an efficient and timely manner. They won’t worry that others will cut ahead of them in line, and won’t feel discouraged from seeking customer service. Customers will get more efficient service, being fair and balanced system in place for managing the customer needs.

Ticketing system for IT Purpose

Most of the companies are using ticketing portal in their serve as the basis of all concerns in Tech support. With a ticket management system there is no reason to worry if all concerns and issue was fixed on time. It’s obvious that a ticket management system is more efficient and convenient than sending an email. It is been archived and compile all the data on a specific system. Most systems deal with similar glitches and each resolved ticket is searchable. That means if similar ticket comes in, Tech team can pull up past issues and see how other tech solved the same issue. This will be more efficient and quicker to resolved same issues. This issue tracking strategy also allows the data from each ticket to be tracked for trends and other associated information.

Sale Tactics can Influence a Company’s Profit


There is no businessman that do not think of sales strategies and sale tactics as an important aspect in his/her business. It plays a vital role in the life of every industry.

As you put up a business, the first few things that you have to consider are:

Capital: Is it really sufficient enough to support the company before sales comes in?

People: Are the people that are hired knowledgeable enough to do the business?

Time: Time value is very important. It may be in a startup or in an existing business. Businessman counts how fast the return of investment is and how fast they can earn revenue from the market output.

Sale: Sales and time value goes hand in hand. A quick result of market output helps to decide the business continuity.

In a business world, Salesperson is defined as an individual who handles selling of the product or services. The success in sales is measured by the company’s profit and depends on how good a salesperson is in negotiation.

We can also consider Sales as a tool to get loyal client or customer when they sign a contract, pay the cost of services and also by the amount of products sold.

Sales increases revenue and increase in revenue is very crucial in order for the business to survive.
“Sales” refers to the number of units of product sold, “revenue” refers to the total amount of money that sales generated, and “income” refers to the profit from those sales.

The enterprise must be able to survive after paying the employees’ salaries and wages and other expenses without touching the capital invested in order to continue the business.

The volume of sales transaction determines a company’s profit. What will happen to a company if there is no revenue to compute? Sale tactics and techniques are necessary for every sales person and all employees should get involved in Sales to maximize the profit. Every employee testifying on how good are the company’s products could also attract the attention of the market.

Today’s Web Application Architectures

Server-side rendered

In server-side rendered applications, the vast majority of the application’s rationale dwells on the server, and stays there. The client fundamentally enters the URL, the request gets send to the server, which then creates the HTML containing the information and sends that back to the program which essentially renders it out. At the point when the client connects with the page, that demand gets again sent to the server, which thus creates another HTML page and serves it back to the program.


This is how the web has been designed, a perfectly valid model and what many pages still use today.

Client-side rendered

Advanced pages frequently require to work more like applications do on the desktop. Individuals interest for a greatly improved client encounter, more intelligence, quick moves amongst “pages” and even disconnected capacities. That is the place the alleged SPAs (Single Page Applications) become possibly the most important factor.

At the point when the client enters the URL, the web server reacts with a HTML page, additionally with an arrangement of assets (JavaScript documents and pictures) that make up our customer side application. The program gets that, heaps the JavaScript application and “boots it”. Presently it’s the occupation of that application to powerfully produce the UI (HTML) in view of the information, right from inside the program. After that happens, each new client activity doesn’t reload the whole site once more, but instead the information for that particular client association is send to the server (more often than not by utilizing the JSON organize) and the server thus reacts with the simply the measure of information asked for by the JavaScript customer, again utilizing JSON (regularly). The JavaScript application gets the information, parses it and progressively produces HTML code which is appeared to the client.


As should be obvious, the measure of information that is being traded is exceptionally advanced. In any case, a major drawback of such kind of uses is that the startup time is normally any longer. You may as of now have figured why: well, in light of the fact that the program doesn’t get the HTML code to appear, but instead a bundle of JavaScript documents that should be deciphered, and executed, and which thus then creates the last HTML to be appeared to the client.